Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Lovable Side of Pit Bulls

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Is there any other breed of dog that receives as much discrimination as the pit bull?

Debates are endless about the pros and cons of the breed. Anti-pit bull groups lobby governments to pass laws banning the breeding and selling of these misunderstood dogs. People focus on breed-specific details rather than seeing the animal as a whole, which is sad because pit bulls can be very loving and gentle dogs.

At Animal Wellness Magazine, we try to look at things differently. Animals are our companions- they are living beings with emotions, personalities, and a variety of behaviours, and that goes for all breeds, regardless of their reputations. 

Unfortunately, the stigma surrounding pit bulls means that a lot of people are misinformed about how to care for these complex animals, which leads to shelters and rescue organizations filled to the brim with pit bulls. We're grateful for organizations like Love-a-Bull, because the idea of a gentle, lovable pit bull being on death row simply because of its breed is heartbreaking. 

In human terms, we think of this kind of social stigma as racism, but when applied to animals, people somehow justify it as being okay. 

Luckily, not all people think this way, and pit bull rescue organizations have emerged to help this beautiful breed. 

For example, the people at Love-a-Bull are doing some amazing work. One of their favourite stories involves two pit bulls that were service dogs for a family that had a child with autism, a child who had limited mobility because he had both lower legs amputated below the knees, and a father with cancer. Can you imagine the help their service dogs provided?

Unfortunately, after making a recent move, the family's new landlord threatened them with eviction due to their put bull type service dogs' breed. Even with confirmation from the family's pediatrician and dog trainer, the landlord held firm- all because of the stigma surrounding pit bulls.

Love-a-Bull made sure this story had a happy ending. The organization was able to secure the necessary documentation for the family to stay in their housing and keep their dogs!

Love-a-Bull has many more heartwarming rescue stories on their website. The organization also needs support for dogs waiting to be rescued. Visit their website to show their pit bulls some love! 

We'd like to see the myths dispelled and proper care given to a breed that is capable of much love, generousity, and kindness. A lot of this will come with education, and we're happy to contribute as much as possible! 

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  1. I've worked with more than 2,000 pittie-type dogs during my many years volunteering at animals shelters, and have found them to be far more affectionate and eager to please than your average dog. The only people that dislike pitties seem to be those that haven't interacted with them - they accept the media-induced hype without personal investigation.
    My pittie and I are members of Love-A-Bull,and you're right - they do such an effective job of championing these misunderstood dogs.