Friday, 28 June 2013

Braving the Southern Alberta Floods

There is a lot of hard work involved with rescuing animals. Volunteers and workers put in countless hours caring for rescued animals and arranging adoptions. However, these tasks just barely scrape the surface of the work rescue organizations really do.

Recently, we've heard a lot about the efforts of rescue organizations during natural disasters like the tornado in Oklahoma. Operating a rescue organization is difficult enough under normal circumstances, but what happens in the wake of an emergency?

Last week, the beginning of a devastating flood hit Southern Alberta. Not only were rescues and shelters swamped with incoming animals, but they had to care for their existing animals, too.

Boston Terrier Rescue Canada was one of these groups and admirably rose to the challenges the flooding presented. A large transport of rescue dogs was scheduled prior to the flooding. These dogs were on their way to foster homes and desperately needed the care and attention the fosters would provide.

A lot of the rescue dogs were so malnourished that their ribs showed through their taut skin. Some of them desperately wanted to cuddle, but were afraid to get too close.

Then the flooding started and Boston Terrier Rescue had to make a decision: did they forego the transport or did they go ahead with it, even if it meant extra work and braving the flooded roads?

Boston Terrier Rescue decided to continue with the scheduled transport and their decision speaks volumes of the kinds of dedicated people who work and volunteer with rescue organizations.

Thanks to Boston Terrier Rescue, a number of dogs will be placed with new homes and will get the love they deserve.

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