Friday, 16 August 2013

Rocky Ridge Refuge- Taking in the Toughest Cases

Animal rescue shelters are almost always overwhelmed by the amount of animals that get dropped off at their doors. They are filled to the brim and are usually strapped for funds. This means that the toughest cases- the animals who have severe medical conditions- are often euthanized. Adoption comes with a whole host of challenges with dogs that are healthy, let alone with dogs that also have medical conditions, and it is understandable that the dogs who need the most love are the ones who do not get adopted. 

It is important to understand that rescuing animals is a community effort. Shelters need to rely on fosters, volunteers who transport animals, people in the community to behave as responsible owners, and animal sanctuaries to take in the cases that no one else wants.

There certainly are many wonderful animal sanctuaries that are committed to saving the most unfortunate animals, but one that stands out is Rocky Ridge Refuge (RRR). Run by Janice Wolf, with the help of people who offer to transport animals for rescue and adoption, RRR takes in animals when it seems like all hope has been lost. 

One of the recent additions to RRR is young Pitbull that was abandoned in a house for two weeks and then once let out was attacked and chewed up by another dog. Wolf named this young sweetheart "Reuben James" and he is now up for adoption. 

Wolf also takes in many cases of dogs who have mange. She has a great track record for helping these dogs heal. With the support of volunteers and RRR Facebook fans spreading the word, these dogs are adopted into loving homes. 

One of the toughest cases that came to RRR was a Dachshund who was thought to have a severe lip injury and they had no funds for this care. The dog had been sitting at a vet clinic nearby due to no space at the shelter. it was discovered that EVERY tooth in his head was rotten and had to be removed, and severe osteomyelitis had eaten away much of the jaw. The vet clinic, a dental specialty service, said it is the WORST mouth they had ever seen! Thanks to RRR, and extensive surgery, the Dachshund has been recovering. 

RRR also provides sanctuary for exotic animals, who are usually turned away at shelters due to unsuitable facilities for exotic species. At RRR, there is Cheesecake the capybara, Crouton the tortoise, Squatch the wallaby, and a whole host of other interesting critters! The beautiful thing about these animals is that they all get along harmoniously despite their different breeds. 

Each month, Animal Wellness Magazine chooses a "Rescue of the Month" based on comments and nominations on the Animal Wellness Facebook page. RRR is our August Rescue of the Month! We are donating 40% of subscription sales to RRR when people subscribe using the promo code AWA089:

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  1. As a Rocky Ridge Alumni, I can personally attest to RRR being a rockin' place! Janice Wolf fixed me up and found me a wonderful home in Santa Cruz, California with a mommy who takes me everywhere! Congrats to Auntie J!